Residential Roofing

Adrenaline Roofing Regina specializes in residential roofing, re-roofing and roof repairs in Regina & area.

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Our team is determined to deliver top quality performance and total customer satisfaction.

Safety of our workers and clients is our number one priority and each Adrenaline Roofing team member is equipped with their Fall Protection certification and they are strategically trained to perform safe, quality work.

Each standard application includes:

  • Removal of old shingles
  • Inspection of roof deck
  • 6 feet ice & water shield
  • Metal drip edge
  • Tar or synthetic felt paper
  • Proper ventilation
  • Installation of products
  • Caulking
  • Final roof Inspections
  • Complete property cleanup (including magnetic nail sweep)


Asphalt Shingles


We offer a wide range of quality asphalt shingles and lifetime architectural shingles. Our shingles are synthetic which guarantees their durability to protect you from tough Canadian weather. When our experts evaluate each job, we carefully consult your roofing needs and shingle requirements.- the shingles are laminated finer glass reinforced.

Enviro Shake Shingles- Regina

enviroshakes regina

Enviro Shake are a superior environmentally friendly composite shingle. It is high quality, extremely durable and looks remarkably similar to natural cedar shake


We can help with any repairs that may need to be done to your roof. This includes repairing broken shingles, loose shingles, spot changes, flashing, caulking, plywood repairs, skylights, gutter reinforcements, and of course fixing any leaks. We offer a 24 hour emergency services, just contact our main phone lines.

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Proper ventilation for a home is key for the durability of a roof. It allows cool, fresh air to enter through soffit or eave vents and lets hot, stale air escape through a ridge vent. The reduced temperature difference between the outside air and the attic space benefits your home. This also allows the roof to breathe so the roof isn’t suffocated and create excess heat that cooks the shingles.

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Regina Skylight Replacement

If your skylight is leaking or simply falling apart, we can help you by installing leak-free skylights and sun tunnels. Skylights need careful attention when installing properly by using proper ice and water shield techniques and step flashing to ensure a leak-free skylight. Working with the top brands to bring you satisfaction.

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Regina Roof Top Snow Removal 

Removing snow from your roof can help increase the lifespan of the roof as melting water and ice can damage shingles. Ice damming can cause winter leaks, structural damage to your home, shingle deterioration, wood underlayment rot, and dangerous falling snow and ice. We offer special annual rates and discounts for existing clients.

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Hardy Fiber Cement Siding

As the world leader in cement siding James Hardy products increase the beauty, value and saftey of your home. Cement siding is low maintenance, comes with baked-on color and can handle just about anything mother nature can throw at it


Other Services

  • Plywood sheeting
  • Gutter Installation & repairs
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roof maintenance
  • Fascia
  • Roof Inspections

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