Do you have a balanced roof system?

Adrenaline Roofing is a family owned and operated Regina Roofing company. This means you deal with the owners from day one. We believe that quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort. Cam offers advice on how to achieve a balanced roof system.

One thing people should really focus on is that they have a balanced roof system.

A properly installed roof system with the proper underlayment’s and venting will reduce the roof top snow removal burden year after year.
balanced roof systemThe snow melting on the roof outside ambient weather conditions is a problem between a lack of venting and a lack of insulation quality of the sort.
With a lack of venting and air circulation
Or fresh air exchange.
You can see a very large amount of condensation that will actually drip in the interior of the house which can also make it look like it’s a roof leak.
So snow removal is just masking the issues at hand and pushing them off till another time.
To really tackle the problem contractors need to start being more inquisitive in regards to the roof system.
Hire a proThings to do
1- Hire someone to do a roof inspection to make sure you have a properly balanced venting system. This system should be balanced with the proper vents at the top of the roof to exhaust Warm air, in addition, you do need some soffit vents or intake vents at the lower edge of the roof if none are present at the soffit area.
2- Make sure you have a good R value of insulation in the attic. And open soffit vents.
We have a good contractor that can top up the insulation in the attic with some nice blown in insulation.

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Sara WheelwrightDo you have a balanced roof system?